People Have Crazy Guesses Who Olivia Rodrigo’s New Song is About

Olivia Rodrigo put her “bloodsucker, fame f-cker” ex on blast with the release of her new song “Vampire,” and fans can’t help wondering who exactly she’s singing about.

On Friday (June 30), the 20-year-old hitmaker introduced her forthcoming sophomore album GUTS with the breakup anthem, which matches perfectly with breakout hit “drivers license.”

While fans across the globe decided that the latter was about High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett, it’s not as clear this time around.

Instead, the general consensus appears to be oscillating between two famous men that Olivia has been linked to recently. There’s some evidence for one of them in the lyrics, while an insider is denying that the other is the subject of the long-awaited comeback single.