The podcast “Truth Be Told,” hosted by Tonya Mosley, has become a part of APM Studios

The podcasting arm of American Public Media will handle ad sales, marketing, and distribution for the show, as well as co-produce a new series with Mosley debuting in 2024.

Tonya Mosley’s podcast, “Truth Be Told,” has signed a deal with APM Studios, the podcasting division of American Public Media. The deal will see APM Studios handling the podcast’s marketing, distribution, and ad sales. As part of the partnership, Mosley will produce a new limited series set to debut in 2024.

“Truth Be Told” originally started as a production of KQED but became an independent podcast with Mosley as the host. Mosley is an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist and a regular interviewer on NPR’s Fresh Air. The podcast explores Black liberation from different lenses, highlighting nuanced stories that capture the richness and beauty of the Black diaspora and beyond.

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The fifth season of “Truth Be Told,” which will premiere on April 13, 2023, will focus on psychedelics and their potential for healing people of color with PTSD. The latest season will have six episodes, which will be released on a weekly basis. The fourth season, released in May 2022, covered the Black body through topics like diet culture, reproductive health, and bodily autonomy.

Guests on the show included Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement, Adrienne Wilson, founder of Feed Our Soul, and chef Kristi Brown, among others.

Joanne Griffith, APM Studios’ chief content officer, expressed her excitement about working with Mosley, describing her as one of the most talented hosts in media. She praised Mosley for leading the way in telling nuanced stories of Black America and other people of color. Mosley, for her part, expressed her honor in partnering with APM Studios and appreciated their commitment to nuanced storytelling.

Overall, the partnership between “Truth Be Told” and APM Studios is an exciting development for fans of the podcast and those interested in diverse perspectives on Black liberation.

With APM Studios’ resources and expertise, “Truth Be Told” can reach a broader audience and continue to provide compelling content that showcases the beauty and richness of the Black diaspora.