Katy Perry claims to have been sober for five weeks!

The American Idol judge shared her favorite (non-alcoholic!) De Soi cocktail recipe at a New York City event celebrating the series on Monday

Katy Perry is a trustworthy person.

Together with other judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and host Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol judge stopped by a curated cocktail event at New York City’s Mister Paradise on Monday but stated she would not be partaking for a very particular reason.

“As of now, I have been sober for five weeks. I want to break my pact with my partner [fiancé Orlando Bloom], so “She jokingly pretended to cry as she remarked.

Bryan joked that she was caving, to which she replied, “No, lady! I won’t give in. I pledged to do so. thirty days.”

Perry, 38, was fortunate that the bar had enough of De Soi, her line of non-alcoholic apéritifs that she introduced last year.

Katy Perry's Sober & Going To Therapy After Split From Orlando Bloom

She was able to get her drink on and even shared her favorite cocktail recipe with the crowd, one that involves the citrusy Golden Hour flavor of De Soi.

Bloom, 46, recently told that the “Never Really Over” singer — with whom he shares 2½-year-old daughter Daisy Dove — is his “biggest fan,” and praised the work that she does as a judge on Idol.

“I think we support each other because we are fans of one another, you know what I mean?” the Carnival Row actor said. “What she does is so empowering for young musicians with everything with Idol. Then she can go and put on a powerhouse show in Vegas. We support, it’s who we are. Katy’s a force and we both have these pools we swim in and we recognize each other’s pools and we go, ‘Hey, I’m over here. We’re doing this.’ And it’s great.”

The cocktail party in New York City brought together Perry, Bryan, Richie, and Seacrest. It featured Perry’s favourite drink, The Golden Ticket, as well as other beverages with Idol-related names.

The trio is presently featured on American Idol’s 21st season, which debuted in February.

Perry even tweeted a flashback image from her own 21st birthday to commemorate the milestone season.

She captioned a throwback picture with the phrase “#idol is celebrating its 21st bday this year. “When I turned 21 I rented a roller skating rink ???? and had McDonald’s ???????? ‘cater’ along w/ 2 kegs in the middle of the rink… and two friends broke bones but we had a lot of fun (so I was told idk I had just turned 21 ????????‍♀️????).”

See The Golden Ticket recipe below-

The Golden Ticket

(Makes 1 Glass)


2 Mint Leaves

Golden Hour (1 can or 8oz)

2 Slices of Cucumber (Peeled)

For Garnish: Mint/Rosemary


1. Add mint and cucumber to the glass and muddle together.

2. Add 2-3 ice cubes and pour in De Soi Golden Hour over cucumber and mint.

3. Garnish with fresh mint, cucumber slice, or Rosemary sprig! Enjoy!