Tim Roth’s son and musician Cormac Roth passes away at age 25

He died after a yearlong battle with Stage 3 germ cell cancer.

A year-long fight with Stage 3 germ cell cancer claimed the life of Cormac Roth, a musician and the son of British actor Tim Roth. His family made the announcement on Monday. He was 25.

A statement stated, “On Sunday, October 16th, we lost our lovely baby Cormac after a heroic battle with cancer.” He passed away quietly while being held by his devoted family. He endured a year of great bravery while fighting, all the while keeping his wicked sense of humour.

Cormac Roth
Cormac Roth

In July, Cormac Roth posted on Instagram that he had received the disease’s diagnosis in November.

“Since then I’ve been fighting it daily, throwing everything I can at it,” he wrote. “Chemo, high dose chemo, medication, transplants, transfusions, surgeries, etc. It is called Choriocarcinoma, it is rare, and it has managed to stay many steps ahead of me no matter what I throw at it. It has taken away half of my hearing, 60 pounds of weight, and my confidence, and will continue its murderous path until I can manage to stop it somehow and kill it.”

In Los Angeles, he perished.

Roth, a Bennington College alumnus, contributed as a guitarist, composer, and producer to the 2020 movie New Order. “An extremely brilliant and outstanding musician whose passion and enthusiasm for playing music stretched back to when his guitar was bigger than he was,” was how his family described him.

“When we remember of that wonderful boy over the 25 years and 10 months that we knew him, the pain comes in waves, as do the tears and laughter,” they continued. a great child who is unstoppable, joyous, wild, and full of energy. A man, only recently. I adore him. He is someone we will always have with us.

“Make sure you do the things you love, in Cormac’s words,”

He is survived by his parents, Tim and Nikki, and his older brother, Hunter.