Cameron Diaz talks about her return to acting: feels a ‘Little Bit Different’

“I kind of just fell back into it,” Cameron Diaz — who announced she was coming out of retirement in June and joining Jamie Foxx in Netflix’s Back in Action — said of her return to acting

Cameron Diaz compares her comeback to acting to riding a bike.

As she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, the Golden Globe candidate, 50, revealed she’s “both” nervous and delighted to star in Jamie Foxx’s upcoming Netflix film Back in Action, her first acting assignment since retiring eight years ago.

“It’s kind of like muscle memory, you know what I mean?” she explained. “I did that for so long, it’s almost like the process, I just kind of slipped back into it.” But it feels a little strange.

“And I’ve also made two movies with Jamie, which is amazing. … The last movie I made was Annie with Jamie, and so the first movie back is this film with Jamie. So, it’s amazing. He’s so great, he’s so easy, he’s so professional, he’s so talented, and just being able to work with him, it will be so much fun,” Diaz added.

In addition to 2014’s Annie remake, the pair also worked together on the 1999 sports drama Any Given Sunday.

She described Foxx, 54, as “like a racehorse” behind the scenes because he is both her costar and executive producer on Back in Action.

Diaz revealed her casting in the film and her return to Hollywood in June, during a cheeky filmed phone discussion with Foxx and fellow un-retired Tom Brady.

“When this project came up and she was sought by Jamie Foxx, who she has known and worked with for years,” a person connected to the film said.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, Foxx praised Diaz’s talent and her return to the screen.

“Cameron is a fantastic force in this industry, and she has accomplished so much. We miss special moments sometimes in our business, and I think this is a special moment. So we’re so happy that it’s happening and looking forward to it,” Foxx added.

Diaz has married Good Charlotte member Benji Madden since her retirement, and their daughter Raddix, 212, was born in 2019. According to a source, Madden, 43, is “extremely excited for her” and “encouraged her to unretire.”