Camila Coelho welcomes her First Baby

Just over a year after revealing her epilepsy diagnosis, Camila Coelho has welcomed her first child with husband Ícaro Coelho, calling her road to motherhood “a sensitive journey.”

Camila Coelho and her husband Caro Coelho have had their first child. The Brazilian fashion and beauty influencer announced the news on social media, referring to their newborn as “our angel.”

“Kai Coelho – born 8/5/22 at 8:52 pm,” she said on Instagram on Aug. 7. “We are very thankful he is alive and well.”

Camila also shared many photographs from the big day, including a cute black-and-white shot of Kai clutching his father’s hand and a video of herself shedding “tears of pleasure” after hearing her son scream “after over 24 hours in labor.”

The 34-year-old announced her pregnancy in March, calling the experience a “dream come true.”

“It has truly been the happiest 23 weeks of my life,” she wrote alongside photos from a maternity shoot she did for Vogue Brazil. “After a sensitive journey, with so much fear and many frustrations, God has blessed us with the most special gift in life, the one we have dreamed of the most – OUR BABY!!!”

One month later Camila and Ícaro—who tied the knot in 2010—revealed the sex of their baby in a video on social media where they are seen holding party poppers filled with blue confetti. “I’ve had my opinions since day one,” she shared in the clip. “In my heart, I always thought it was a boy.”

Camila’s path to parenthood was not easy. Having battled epilepsy secretly for over 20 years, the Elaluz creator stated that she needed to plan her pregnancy with the advice of her doctors in order to avoid congenital abnormalities.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom and have children,” she told Women’s Health in 2021. “I’ve known since I was a child that I’d have to plan it and consult with specialists because anti-seizure medication might increase the risks of pregnancy, perhaps causing birth deformities.”

Camila stated that after she revealed her diagnosis earlier that year, many other women reached out to her with their own stories about having epilepsy and getting pregnant, and having healthy children, which she deeply appreciated.

“Those stories gave me hope and comfort,” she explained. “There were also those who reached out to me saying that I had encouraged them to share their own tales, which made opening up (albeit it took some time) very worthwhile.”