Joe Rogan’s Hilariously Brutal Takedown of Trump is Sticking

Star podcaster Joe Rogan is stepping up his criticism of former President Donald Trump.

Rogan, who has never been shy about sharing his political views, dissed Trump during a discussion with fellow comedian Tom Segura on last Thursday’s edition of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

When Segura said that Trump was “full of f–king energy,” Rogan responded by suggesting the ex-president was “on Adderall.” Segura also referenced claims that Trump would “get bored at the CIA briefing in the mornings.”

“I heard they would put his name in briefings multiple times to keep him interested,” Rogan said.

“[Jared Kushner], his son-in-law, said he came up with a formula to keep him engaged … the formula was ‘two good, one bad,’” Segura said. “So if they were going to give him some bad news, you’d start with some good news. So they go, ‘This is going well, everybody’s thrilled with you about this, here’s a bad thing. Also, people love you for this.’”

“Of course, he’s a man baby,” a laughing Rogan responded.

“He’s a toddler,” Segura added.

Rogan’s latest remarks came days after he revealed on another episode of his podcast that he has declined to interview Trump on multiple occasions — and would not do so in the future.

“I am not a Trump supporter, in any way, shape or form,” Rogan said. “I have had the opportunity to have him on my show, more than once, and I have said no every time.”

 “I don’t want to help him, I’m not interested in helping him,” he added.

Rogan also referred to Trump as an “existential threat to democracy itself.”

The 54-year-old comedian has also been fiercely critical of President Biden, referring to him as a “dead man” who is physically and mentally unable to handle his responsibilities as commander-in-chief.

Rogan has indicated he would support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election. While DeSantis has yet to formally announce his candidacy, he is considered a front-runner for the GOP’s nomination and a potential rival to Trump if he attempts another White House run.

“I feel like what [DeSantis] did for Florida, people gave him a lot of grief, but ultimately, he was correct,” Rogan said last month. “He was correct when it comes to deaths, he was correct in terms of protecting our vulnerable populations, he was correct in terms of distribution of monoclonal antibodies.”