Skip Bayless Shares Hot Photos of His Wife

Skip Bayless often boasts about how much he loves his wife, Ernestine. The happy couple was married in 2016 and lives together in California.

Sunday night, Bayless shared a cool photo of his wife with a couple of his friends.

Bayless shared a photo of his wife with Lil Wayne and Dj Scoob Doo.

“Here’s Ernestine sharing a laugh with Wayne and Scoob. Coolest thing about her is she has no problem being “one of the guys” … at least for couple of hours. She can talk sports with the best of ‘em – though she’d rather talk music or movies,” the Fox Sports 1 personality tweeted.

There wasn’t a ton of great sports action on Sunday, but maybe Bayless and Co. watched some college basketball or NBA games.